Dank Space Nine: A Deep Space 9 Podcast

A podcast where two goofs watch Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and talk about whatever is on their minds. All podcasts are recorded while watching the episode named, and will include a cue to sync up the podcast to the episode.

It should go without saying that all of these episodes are spoiler-heavy. Listen to them either after you've finished the series once, or if you just don't give a shit about spoilers.

Most Recent Episode

Captive Pursuit - An alien is on the run and nobody knows why! And some Blake Stone rejects show up to capture him.

Our hosts discuss: Tosk's intense stares, ridiculous military outfits, improvisation in Star Trek, and our perpetual inability to remember our rule for when Morn shows up.

Episode List

  1. Emissary - 1x01
  2. A Man Alone - 1x02
  3. Past Prologue - 1x03
  4. Babel - 1x04
  5. Captive Pursuit - 1x05