The Stark Reality of the Desert

In his documentary film The Wild Goose Chronicles - a collection of his travels across the world in the wake of his failure to succeed in »

The Finitude of Infinity

1. Infinite games are on everybody's mind. We hope, in eternal optimism, that the obsolesence inherent to all capitalist endeavors won't touch games. We hope that »

On The Commodification Of Pain

1974, South Africa. After decades of segregationist law-making, known as apartheid, only whites enjoy unfettered access to all the amenities of modern life. All other minorities »

Overwatch, Battleborn, and the Value of Simplicity

On first glance, it's perfectly understandable to mix up Overwatch and Battleborn. They both have visuals that lean heavily on the "80s G.I. Joe cartoon" »

Bioshock 2 And The Triumph Of Nuance

Warning: This piece contains massive spoilers for the Bioshock series and System Shock 2. "Would you kindly?" These three words, more than any other, define the »

The Futile Search For Flow

There is a search in game design right now, a feverish scavenger hunt to pin down a holy grail of game design: flow. Flow is generally »