Why Sealioning Is Bad

Chances are you've seen this comic by David Malki if you frequent Twitter at all these days. It even coined a new verb - "sealioning" - »

Artistic Legitimacy in Games

Games are an art form. Nobody can contest that. What they can contest, however, is that games are a mature or legitimate art form. With so »

Why Critics Are Important

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Traditionalism, Astroturfing, And Growth: How Games Are Changing

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Reaction vs. Reflection: The True Face Of Horror

All horror stems from the fear of death. When you are afraid of the dark, it's because you fear that death may come for you unnoticed. »

Intent and Contextuality: Why Authors Don't Matter (Except When They Do)

Once you've released your art to the world, what you meant ultimately doesn't matter. This is the basic principle of post-structuralism, and by extension postmodernism, and »