Building Communities, Beating Bigotry

Internet discourse is toxic. We all know it. YouTube comments, 4chan threads, online matchmaking; they all expose us to the worst that society has to offer. »

Glitches, Players, And Metagames

This piece was originally published as portions of a proceedings paper for ISAGA 2014, an academic conference on simulations and games. I (James Murff) provided the »

What We Get From Games

Something that I champion here on Simplikation is the notion that we can examine games beyond the bare-basics of "oh, this is fun." That we can »

Paying It Forward Matters

This piece was originally posted in tweet form on my personal Twitter, which can be seen on Storify. We live in a broken system. Capitalism is »

Fighting Depression Through Trucking: Euro Truck Sim 2

I've been depressed lately. Maybe it's the state of the world, maybe it's the state of my life, but the only thing I can think to »

Gaming's Dysfunctional Media Relationship

When I worked regularly as a game journalist, I received an interesting, and telling, piece of advice from a colleague of mine: Interviews are a battle »