Gaming's Cruelty Epidemic

We've got a problem with cruelty. The Symptoms The antisocial behavior emerging from modern gamer culture has always been around, lurking and sharpening its teeth on »

Recognizing Sealioning

Author's Note: "Sealion" refers to the internet archetype/act. "Sea lion" refers to the animal. Sealions are terrible; sea lions are incredibly cute. While recognizing why »

Why Sealioning Is Bad

Chances are you've seen this comic by David Malki if you frequent Twitter at all these days. It even coined a new verb - "sealioning" - »

Artistic Legitimacy in Games

Games are an art form. Nobody can contest that. What they can contest, however, is that games are a mature or legitimate art form. With so »

Why Critics Are Important

Any creative system is populated primarily by three kinds of people: creators, critics, and consumers. Creators create, critics critique, and consumers consume. Out of these three, »

Traditionalism, Astroturfing, And Growth: How Games Are Changing

If you float around in game writing circles, you have no doubt been exposed to #GamerGate at this point. While ostensibly a movement to "focus on »